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3 to 4 Years

Montessori Environment in younger age group supports the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child. The teacher thoughtfully prepares the classroom environment to invite curiosity and stimulate learning by making independent choices. The child develops self-motivation, self-regulation, and problem-solving skills.

Skills developed during Younger years

Practical life in the Younger age group the child learns to complete the cycle of activity taken by him/her. Hand-eye coordination is developed. The respect for self and materials have developed in these years.

Visual sense, Tactile sense, Auditory, olfactory senses are well developed using the scientifically designed Montessori equipment’s.

Children are very much clear with the number concepts practically. They use the number rods and golden bead material along with Montessori number cards which help them practically learn the arithmetic skills.

The child learns basic writing skills with various Montessori-designed toys. Also, the child’s reading, vocabulary, and observation skills are developed. The child now freely uses the Montessori environment as he/she is accustomed to the designed environment without any help.