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5 to 6 Years

The child nearing 5 to 6 years has passed beyond the stage of movement & exploration. The child wants to know how everything came to be, the history of the world, why people behave the way they do. The child asks big questions and wants answers.

Skills developed during Older years

In the Older years, the child masters the skills already done during the early years. The child repeatedly performs the task guides the peer group children with the same activity with accuracy.

Extension activities are introduced and the child explores and works with the combination of pink tower and broad stairs. Red rods, Cylinder blocks, color tablets, etc.

Hundreds, thousands, decimal number systems, addition, subtraction concepts are introduced which the child easily performs with the help of various Montessori equipment. Various geometric shapes, types of triangles with their combinations are also introduced in this age group.

The child learns grammar and can read and write sentences. He/She develops effective communication skills at this age. Physical and political geography & Solar system. Geology, Biology of leaf, types of leaf, various life cycles are understood in this age group.