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Montessori World Pre School

The Montessori World Preschool was founded by Hiral Shah ( Master Trainer Montessori Method ). It was established to bring the children of Vadodara to learn the Montessori Method of education, a method first pioneered by Maria Montessori in 1907. We at Montessori World Preschool take the utmost care to follow Maria Montessori Principles in the Curriculum.

Founder and Director Hiral Shah is constantly engaged in training of trainers fresher’s as well as fresher’s. She also does community programs so that Montessori could reach the remotest part.

Maria Montessori was Italy’s first female physician but, after her groundbreaking work in education, she became internationally known as an educator and child advocate. She based her educational method on careful observation of children and the environment under which they learned best.

“We aim to prepare the child not only for school but for life. And Our greatest sign of success is when the teacher is able to say, the children are now working as if we do not exist. “ Maria Montessori